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The Crown and Blade

The Crown and Blade is a fantasy series taking place in the fictional continent of Irindius. It's a war-torn world of tyranny, bloodshed, and magic. The books are filled with spiritual and philosophical themes that explore the darker side of humanity and redemption.

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The Crown and Blade: King and Country

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Eighteen-year-old Voranea Dakran never cared much about her country’s wellbeing. As long as her family was safe, nothing bothered her. But when news of a kingdom-ending war reaches her village, apathy becomes a luxury she can no longer afford. Forced to abandon all she knows and loves, she is thrown into a dangerous, unforgiving world with bloodshed on and off the battlefield, a world where violence is the only means of survival. As she struggles to live through each day, voices of irreconcilable differences pull her in opposite directions, and she must decide what she believes and more importantly, what she’s willing to sacrifice.

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The Crown and Blade: Revolution

Available now!

“In a world ruled by the wicked and depraved, sometimes killing is the choice weapon of the righteous.”

            Prince Eerion Talvios of the Kingdom of Nalg has had an unimaginably privileged life, with every vice known to man available. But after a horrific revelation about his father, King Nyflon, his entire worldview is shattered. United only by the goal to see Nyflon brought down, Eerion must reluctantly ally himself with a few unlikely comrades, some of whom wouldn’t mind seeing his own death as well as his father’s.

            But such a task is rarely so easy. Assuming they can survive the bandits and ruffians who wouldn’t hesitate to slit their throats for a loaf of bread, not to mention the companies of soldiers hunting them, can they live with the choices they make? The path to revolution is inevitably stained with blood, but how much is acceptable? And who’s blood?

            Eerion is determined to stop his father and rule the kingdom with justice and mercy. But he can’t shake the guilt of his past. Are his allies right that he is irredeemable in the eyes of man? And can he ever make up for what he’s done or will he be forever burdened to live with the sins of his past?

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Sam Pigg grew up in Anderson, Indiana. He has an Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice and is pursuing a career in law enforcement. Sam Pigg is the author of The Crown and Blade: King and Country, as well as The Crown and Blade: Revolution.






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